These stories are told in the form of ‘open letters’, which are read aloud by a range of presenters, and cover a broad range of experiences. Real stories from real people about real issues – all with the intimacy that comes with letter-writing.

This series features a diverse range of voices – some with previous experience in poetry and writing, and some who are being given a platform for the first time. Read the series synopsis here.

This series was produced by Josie Smart and Izzy Roberts-Orr for the Community Radio Network (CRN) Segments Series, distributed on July 27 2015.

Big thanks to our home station Triple R 102.7 in Melbourne, the CRN for ongoing support, all contributors in this project and Kate Fayle for creating the Dear, / Hello? artwork.

If you would like to download any episodes of Dear, / Hello? for broadcast OR if you have a story or a letter you wish to read aloud, please get in touch with us at and check out our website.